Sunday, Dec. 21st 2014

Noon - Midnight

Hudson House

134 Main St  Nyack, NY 10960

Featuring the talents of;

View Photo Bobby Steele
View Photo Patti Rothberg
View Photo Rew (of Rew & Who)
View Photo Joe D'Urso & Stone Caravan
View Photo Tim O'Donohue
View Photo Johnny & The Alimonies
View Photo Kama Linden
View Photo Beki Brindle
View Photo The Hollywood Conspiracy
View Photo Victoria Levy
View Photo David W. Jacobsen
View Photo Thucydidean Theory
View Photo Wadada
And Hosted By
View Photo The Baghdaddios
From the depths of New York City's underground punk and alternative circuit

Suggested Donation: One Blanket (any condition)
We will be handing them out to NYC's less fortunate - directly - starting on Christmas Eve!

More Details Coming Soon - Stay Tuned!