Blank-Fest POEM

Poem by Yvonne Sotomayor

Yvonne Sotomayor is a celebrated Lower East Side bilingual poet who's been published here, in Europe and in South America. She wrote a poem about the homeless cause - both in English and in Spanish. BLANK-FEST POEM


Many streets filled with loss

Sadness and contempt

Lined with broken thoughts of dreams

And lives that almost could’ve

Hungry wretched souls on fire

Left cold and forgotten

Invisibly regarded less

Or too much for us to bear

Reality of what we have joined in

The dance we often play

‘those’ people will never be ‘us’

littering my street!

Shoulders hunched, rushed footsteps

We gaily patter by

Ignore the problem-it’s not mine

They should all just get a job!

How cruelly we can unthink

We’re but a step away

From being cold, left and forgotten

Freezing-all alone.

America the beautiful

The streets are paved with hope

Let’s give our hearts and our thanks

And make those folks our own







Muchas calles llenas de pérdida
La tristeza y el desprecio
Alineado con pensamientos rotos de los sueños
Y vidas que casi podrían haber sido
Almas miserables hambrientas y encendidas
Dejadas frías y olvidados
Invisiblemente consideradas menos
O demasiado para aguantar
La realidad de lo que nos hemos unido
El baile a menudo desempeñamos
'Esas' personas nunca serán "nosotros"
ensuciando mi calle!
Hombros encorvados, pasos apresurados
Alegremente pasamos al lado
Ignora el problema no es mío
Deberían todos conseguir un trabajo!
Cómo cruelmente podemos dispensar
Estamos menos de un paso de esto
De estar fríos, dejados y olvidados
América la Bella
Las calles están pavimentadas con esperanza
Vamos a dar nuestros corazones y nuestras gracias
Y tomar a esta gente como nuestra propia


Suggested Donation: One Blanket (any condition)
Suggested Donation: One Blanket (any condition)

The blankets will be distributed directly to NYC's homeless beginning Christmas Eve!!!

t distribution to be coordinated by Blank-Fest, in cooperation with Frank Wood Presents, AKA Destiny Services, LTD.!!!

We will be meeting @ The Hard Swallow at 140 First Avenue, NYC on Christmas Eve @ 8:00PM to go hand out blankets!!!