Blank-Fest XXI Times

Here are the time slots for the bands performing at this year's Blank-Fest!

Noon Doors Open
2:30 PM Patti Rothberg
3:00 PM The Tim O'Donohue Band
3:30 PM Joe D'Urso & Stone Caravan
4:00 PM Cult Classic – Formerly Reflective Insight
4:30 PM Kama Linden
5:00 PM The Festival of Friends
6:00 PM Count of Nine
6:30 PM The Horse You Rode In On
7:00 PM Bobby Steele
7:30 PM The Undead (featuring Bobby Steele)
8:00 PM The Guests
8:30 PM Michelle Schocked
9:00 PM The ReWd Ones (featuring ReW Starr)
9:30 PM Johnny & The Alimonies
10:30 PM The Baghdaddios
11:o0 PM Surprise!
Midnite Show Ends

SPECIAL NOTE: Lower East Side Bilingual Poet, Yvonne Sotomayor will be performing at various random junctures during the show. There are no set times for her readings but she WILL be performing as part of Blank-Fest XIX.

Suggested Donation: One Blanket (any condition)
Suggested Donation: One Blanket (any condition)

The blankets will be distributed directly to NYC's homeless beginning Christmas Eve!!!

t distribution to be coordinated by Blank-Fest, in cooperation with Frank Wood Presents, AKA Destiny Services, LTD.!!!

We will be meeting @ Otto's Shrunken Head (538 E. 14th Street, between Avenues A & B, in Greenwich Village, NYC) on Christmas Eve @ 8:00PM to go hand out blankets!!!