Blank-Fest XXII

Sunday, December 16th, 2018

Here are the time slots for the bands performing at this year's Blank-Fest!

Noon Doors Open
2:00 PM Grateful Dead Memorial Jammers
3:00 PM Tim O'Donohue
3:30 PM The Press
4:00 PM Cult Classic
5:00 PM The Festival of Friends
6:00 PM Patti Rothberg
6:30 PM The Horse You Rode In On
7:00 PM Bobby Steele (solo)
7:30 PM The Undead (featuring Bobby Steele)
8:00 PM The Guests
8:30 PM Count of Nine
9:00 PM Yvonne Sotomayor (NYC Bilingual Poet)
9:30 PM Michelle Shocked
10:00 PM The Baghdaddios

Suggested Donation: One Blanket (any condition)

The blankets will be distributed directly to NYC's homeless beginning Christmas Eve!!!

t distribution to be coordinated by Blank-Fest, in cooperation with Frank Wood Presents, AKA Destiny Services, LTD.!!!

We will be meeting @ Otto's Shrunken Head (538 E. 14th Street, between Avenues A & B, in Greenwich Village, NYC) on Christmas Eve @ 8:00PM to go hand out blankets!!!